Ekaterinburg is a three-hundred-year-old industrial city with quite developed infrastructure. The city is in the Ural's Mountains near the border of Asia and Europe (Ekaterinburg is in Asia).

You can be born, study and live in Ekaterinburg all you life. The city has got almost everything for r normal life. There are schools for ordinary and gifted, normal and unhealthy children. There are higher schools: technical (it's very good), medical (good), university and many many others. Hospitals are good. There are several inter-region high- specialized centers, for example ''Hart and Vessels''. If hospitals had more money, they would be better. Of course, as a very large city Ekaterinburg has got many various employers. It is a cosmopolitan city. Transport is not completely efficient. It is quite expensive and it has polluted our atmosphere already (together with factories, of course). Generally speaking, dirt, rubbish and plumbing and drains are very big problems in Ekaterinburg.

What about sight? We are making them. Cathedrals and statues are growing up everywhere. With the time these sights will be more interesting. Ekaterinburg has got ordinary entertainments. There are theatres and restaurants, where you can try cuisine of various countries. There are burs, clubs, casinos, cinemas. Ekaterinburg also has got a zoo, a circus, an aqua-park. Shops, supermarkets, malls are everywhere. The best known and the best hotel is ''Atrium Palas Hotel''. You can stay here.

If I were you, I would come to Ekaterinburg in winter, in New Year. The city is cleaner at that time. There will be New Year trees with amusements in big squares. It will be exiting time. In Russia we will begin celebrating on December the 25-th and we will end doing this on January the 15-th, may be later. Come on! It is great, plus you will see famous Russian winter. There is Ezhovaja Mountain near Ekaterinburg, where you can try downhill skis. It is quite safe, because the Ural's Mountains are not high.

Autumn is also good for visiting Ekaterinburg. There are new performances everywhere. You should see Musical Comedy's Theatre for sure. It is good. Drama Theatre and Concert Hall are not bad. Ekaterinburg is a ''rock-capital''. There is a traditional rock-festival here in autumn. It is nit Woodstok, but who knows, may be several years later┘ By the way, there are very many artists in Ekaterinburg in autumn. They will come from Moscow, St. Petersburg, foreign countries on tours. You can see several Moscow theatres, BDT from St. Petersburg, Turetsky's Choir, Deep Purple, A-ha and Monceret Cabalier nearly during one month. So, you will have great time in Ekaterinburg.

I should warn you: nobody speaks English or any other foreign language, in generally. Crime is also a problem in Ekaterinburg. But if you walk with Russian friend and if listen to his advice attentively, all journey will be very good. I hope, that you visit Ekaterinburg soon.
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