(Old Chinese fairy-tail by Lao Jun from the collection ''Stories about miracles'')

One day the Student came home from a party late. He was older then thirty, but he couldn't get degree and he couldn't get married, because he was poor. So, he lived alone in a small hut.

He went into the hut and saw the Fox. The Fox slept on the student's bed and didn't wake up. The Student wasn't frightened. He was drunk. ''The Fox found my jug of wine and fell asleep'', - decided the Student. ''How will he transform into a man? It will be interesting'', - thought the Student. So, the Student sat and waited.

The morning came. The Fox woke up. He became an attractive young man and wore expensive dress.

''Good morning, Mr. Fox! How did you sleep?'', - asked the Student.

''Good morning, Mr. Student! Thank you, that you didn''t kill me at night. Can we celebrate our meeting?'', - asked the Fox.

''You drank all my wine.''

''Take the jug, Mr. Student. It's full''

''Incredible! You are right! The wine is very good! Thank you, Mr. Fox! We can celebrate our meeting!''

They drank, had fun, wrote and read poems. They went to a field next day. ''Dig here'', - said the Fox. The Student found an old jug with golden coins.

The Student and the Fox became friends. The Student got degree and got married. He became an official.

The Fox told him about plants and the weather. They often met and spoke and read poems.

The Student became old and died. His wife and children always were healthy and wealthy, but the Fox never came.
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