David Bowie was born in 1947 in one of the London suburbs. He's been playing music since he was thirteen. Fame comes to him in 1970 with his album ⌠The Man Who Sold The World. He is a good actor. He starred in ''Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence!''. I like Japanese films, so it was double pleasure for me. The thing I didn't expect was an absence of women in picture areas during the film. It is a trick. The story and acting are excellent, but the thing I liked best about it was director's work and choice. Nagisa Oshima invited Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Bowie, they are both well-known composers. David Bowie has understood Japanese already. They have had great fun while working together, I think. The music in the film was written by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Takeshi Kitano played his first dramatic role. He wasn't an actor or a director at that time, so role of ''ninny'' was a very good school for him and his star rose. Twenty years late Nagisa Oshima, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Takeshi Kitano made together the successful film called ''Taboo''. .

David Bowie has lived and worked in the Europe and been to Russia twice on a tour. He lives in the USA now. Not of all his albums had got an equal success, he used to take drugs, but David Bowie is great. He's been working as a singer, a musician, a composer, an actor, a producer. He's one of the most influential and respected figures in the west show-business. He's produced Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. He's continuing support young musicians. His ''BowieNet'' is the first provider in world internet-services, which was created by an artist. .

David Bowie really helps me to learn English. His texts are very interesting with the British humor, ''The Laughing Gnome'' for example. ''I'm still so afraid on my own'' - David Bowie sings in the song called ''Afraid'' - I've never felt the same, so it is very interesting for me. ''Slip Away''. ''I Would Be Your Slave'' - I've heard heart sounds on the back. Most people think that his album called ''Heathen'' is very difficult, but the most of my favorite songs are from this one. ''A Reality Tour'' on DVD is a very impressive video. David Bowie was fragile and powerful at the same time. He didn't cover that he needs audience and their moral support. He was ''cute'' and heartfelt. It was a very honest work. .

I like David Bowie because he's very clever and democratic. One day he's said something like this: ''Dear racists. You are declaring that you are always ready to die for our beautiful country. Let's consider that this day's come. Do it today''. After this phrase he can do everything. He can pose and become older. I will like him anyway.
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